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ZONG is Empowering Society—Internet Lab for Street Children is a Strong Move!!


Pakistan’s one of the leading data network Zong is going smooth on its way to play vital role in bringing great enthusiasm and betterment in the society, at all levels. Zong recently marked prominent presence with successful events like: Zong’s MoU based partnership with the LUMS and also FINCA and Zong’s MoU in order to expand Financial Inclusion Network. Apart from these business deals, this time Zong has done something magical and set a benchmark by doing exceptional act for street children of the local community school, which is named as: “Mashal Model School.” Zong has actually broken all the boundaries and set up a state-of-the-art 4G internet lab for  marginalized children, who are studying in Mashal Model School.

untitled-designMashal Model School and Its Students-They are Inspirational!!

Mashal Model School is situated in the Bari Imam area located in Islamabad. The school is a registered trust with the Government of Pakistan, which is providing education and knowledge to underprivileged children via community involvement. At the moment, the school is being enrolled with over 860 kids, most of the children are ones who have never been to school. Majority of the students inhabit in nearby slums, and they are also earning to survive day-to-day life and fulfilling responsibility to run family expenses too.

mashal-model-school-a-philanthropic-successZong and Mashal Model School are Going Hand-in-Hand for Betterment!!

Yes, Zong is proudly working for the amelioration of society, street children’s life, and great social environment. Zong have not only set-up a 4G Internet lab, but they also renovated a room of school, which was in shabby state earlier. And equipped the room with Zong 4G enabled Wi-Fi connectivity and efficient laptops too. The whole renovation process was brilliantly done with the help of professional team and Zong’s  “New Hope” volunteers. From walls to the internet lab’s entry gate to the gadgets, they did outstanding job to facilitate children in best way possible!!

zong-4g-lab-1024x576Children’s Excitement was on Top When Went Inside Zong’s 4G Lab!!

The smile and sparkle in eyes of children spoke thousand words when they entered Zong’s 4G lab for the very first time. Zong didn’t stop here, as their volunteers also took a learning and instruction session to display and exhibit internet usage to the students fully. We all can understand that these underprivileged children usually don’t get chance to explore world and also world isn’t on their fingertips, as most of us have through internet. And usage of internet while education and to learn new things and techniques is as important as to get bags, books, copies, and other essential things to surpass in studies. The students of Mashal Model School got into virtual universe with lots of interest, bliss, and zeal.

Zong’s Social Program “A New Hope” is Remarkable!!

Zong’s effort to make pakistan a better place and  their eagerness to facilitate people and avidity to play their social-part for advancement is commendable. Zong has always been a socially responsible enterprise that strive and believe in delivering the best services and also meet social responsibilities. The recent program called “A New Hope” volunteer program is designed and launched by the brand just to encourage their employees to donate hours for social cause. The methodology of this program is to make a good change in society through carrying, designing, and implementing social programs as never before.


Through this establishment of first 4G internet lab for street children, Zong proved that facilities and internet accessibility should be equal for all the segments of society. This effort won’t go waist and hope to see some other programs and events like this from Zong and other leading brands too. We believe that Zong will continue to make impact by providing facilities to its customers and country!!