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Twitter’s Explore Tab is More About Live Videos—Moments, Trends are also There

Twitter’s Explore Tab is More About Live Videos—Moments, Trends are also There

In October 2016, Twitter started testing out inflated version of a tab saying “Explore” on its iOS app. In that testing period, twitter gave a small group of people, using iOS, access of their Explore tab, which has simplified search tools, trending topics, and Moment (the news assembling feature, which is quite famous and previously had its own dedicated tab within the twitter’s app). And, for good, the new tab worked amazingly. Now, from 26th of January 2017, the Explore tab can be easily found on all iOS devices using Twitter App. After the company has rolled-out this new tab on iOS, they are preparing to bring it to Android devices in the coming weeks.

Having this new tab, “Explore”, users have been given one-step access to Moments, live videos, search, and trends. This is how the social media giant, Twitter made it easier for a casual user to stay up-to-date in most authentic and curated way.

EXPLOREMoment, the most loved and appreciated section of Twitter was launched back in 2015, which actually let people aware of breaking stories and trending topics. The Moment section was designed in a way that it constantly stay updated with latest stuff and makes it convenient for people to follow certain topics and stories in real-time on their timeline.

So, now, when the company surprised all iOS users with Explore tab, which is positioned where notification option stays in the app—this new tab can be seen at front and center in the new design. Many people got curious and wanted to know that is the Moment section going to be vanished after the new?? Twitter came out to make people calm down and emphasize that Moments is alive and will stay: They even said, “Nothing is going away—we are just making it easier to find what a user want.” And believe, that’s true: the new tab is a whole new world that has trends, videos, Moments, and search, what’s better you can ask for?

Untitled designAngela Lam, she is product designer at Twitter, wrote in her blog, “Over the past year, we have been exploring and trying sincerely to make things more accessible in less time and in user’s grip as never before.” This statement clearly shows that finally they got succeeded in making this easier and simpler. And now it seems that the real focus will be on the new Explore tab, which prefers and serves live videos over every other content available on Twitter. In 2016, Twitter has spotlighted the live video streaming, using both heavy-deal broadcasting of sports leagues like the NBA and Bloomberg. This can be whole new beginning of getting updates and trending stuff through live videos, this will also help Twitter to have better and bigger business deals and earnings.

Untitled design (1)However, watching and going through live video streaming content is still tedious. But we hope that with Explore tab, the Twitter force will definitely do some useful effort to show off their live video streaming crown jewel in better and charismatic way!!