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Sheops: The Rising Star of E-Commerce and First Female-Oriented Marketplace in Pakistan


Pakistan’s first online women-focused marketplace that is now known to many as SHEOPS was lately started with just a whatsapp group. At that time, nobody had an idea that it will be a source of earning and a way of shopping at its best for women all around the country. When telling the reason behind creating Sheops’ whatsapp group, Nida Patel Gangjee,the Matriarch of this venture said, “The thought of Sheops came when i was in need of buying a cell phone, and put an advertisement for the same then i started getting prank calls. This is when a thought came to start a group of women which is secure and close knit. A place where only women can sell and buy products without interacting to any male.”

Sheops is All About Women to Women Selling and Buying!!

In our male dominant society, Sheops is a great source of women empowerment. I personally know many of the women who sacrifice their career, education, and interests/activities to meet family commitments at first. The big reason behind quitting their choices and preferences is: women may not be able to spend hours in office or don’t feel comfortable while interacting to male vendors and consumers too. But, now they can run and even fly with Sheops, which  is a trusted and curated community of women. The platform is facilitating stay-at-home women entrepreneurs and women who own businesses to monetize their products and get to level where they don’t only become self-reliant, but will also be able to achieve a greater sense of ability and self-identity.


Product’s Selling Process Wasn’t this Easy for a Women Before!!

Sheops is a chance for Pakistani women to explore the ways of showcasing their talent through listing their products and creations in less than 60 seconds anytime from anywhere. And any seller can list their items at for FREE, but Yes!! The store will charge a tiny amount as a fee when products get sold. By following the mentioned below steps any one can be a seller at

  • Click and UploadList your product by uploading their picture and price
  • Make Money OnlineWhether you manage your own shop or can rely on us to manage it for you
  • Sit-Back and Get Products Shipped: You don’t need to deliver products as Sheops trusted delivery partners do the task
  • Have Payments in your Wallet: Let Sheops handle all matters of money. Stay relax at home and get the payment

Nest i/o and ARPATECH Made Foundation of Sheops Even Stronger!!


When talking about Sheops, we can’t ignore the fact that Arpatech and Nest i/o has played a vital role in making this venture great in every way possible. Some time back Nest i/o’s graduated Sheop’s has signed a deal with Arpatech and became part of their ventures. Arpatech is working hand-in-hand to make this marketplace one-of-its-kind, and would love to see women of today making their mark in society by featuring their talent, collections and earn sound amount. Since, Sheop’s Inception, the marketplace has made a positive impact on many lives. With platform like Sheops huge number of women created more than 100 businesses by sitting at home in a  very short span of time.

Sheops–A Plethora of Incredible Products for Women around the World!!


Sheops a platform that started with whatsapp group then took a step ahead with Facebook group, which has 35k+ active members, has now taken the biggest step by launching the official website on May 2016. The website has an extravagant variety of products to entertain buyers. The list of categories to shop incredibly at Sheops are:

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • Crafts
  • Pre-Loved
  • Food

Sheops isn’t just about sellers, but they are putting every effort to make this market place go-to shop for every single women by having the ultimate variety of fine-quality products in affordable price. They are even planning to offer more and more discount offers on special occasions like Eid, Wedding Season and others. We hope that the hard work of Gangjee and her team will continue empowering women and make Sheops rule the eCommerce world!!