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Repair and Maintainance is Just Click Away-The Startup Sukoon is Here to Give You Sukoon

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Whether you are a home maker, business man, or any other person, now or then,you all need best and timely repair and maintenance services for office, home, or any other place. From decades, we all have been solving all our repair and maintenance issues and problems going to the shop of carpenter, electrician, painter, plumber, and others. We all experience the same and that is the pain of visiting their shops again and again, and still  it takes time to solve our problems that should be solved ASAP. Moreover, many of these so called experts doesn’t even know the A,B,C of repair and maintenance work, but are making public fool by giving wrong and pathetic services and making bulk of money out of it.

Many of us also have seen that there are plenty of robbery cases that are happening in the city of lights “Karachi” because of fake people who pretend that they are coming to give repair services. But in actually they notice everything about house and than people get robbed by them. To avoid all these mishaps, it’s better to get services from a reliable and trustworthy resource that can guaranty your safety and expert services. Don’t worry!! The solution is right here: The first of its kind handyman services platform is all set to serve Karachities with all the services that are need of day-to-day life.

The idea of this unusual service provider came into reality when two friends, named Shoaib Iqbal and Qazi Umair, were having chat at cafe and the idea of starting domestic service platform popped up. At first friends took it as a joke but afterwards the talk was converted into the discussion and then discussion lead them to create this amazing website that is serving the secure and reliable services at your doorstep. You must be thinking that what services can be easily get able from this a-type platform, so look at the chart given below to have a clear-cut view:

for pipeline installation and other plumbing repair tasks. (1)

for pipeline installation and other plumbing repair tasks.

Users can place order or call for Sukoon services anytime between 9am to 5pm you can book repair or maintenance services by calling or filling the form online. You will not only get skilled experts for a swift and safe experience, but a person with verified background within 6-8 working hours from the time you placed order. Experts are available on same day when you make booking to ensure that you never face delay of time in any of the tasks offered by All the workers are hired after a multi layer background check involving NADRA records and local authorities. So, you shouldn’t be worried about the safety purposes, as your safety is their top priority.

Four Simple Reasons to Choose Sukoon

  • Reliability
  • Convenience
  • Affordability
  • Expert Services at door-step

Future Plans of SUKOON

Right now, the brand doesn’t have App, but the creation of a user-friendly app is under process. And once the brand will have their own app, so placing order will be even easier. At the moment, the website is only serving Karachi people, but in future, is going to in-large there service-provding circle. And in coming years, all Pakistanis can get the repair and maintenance services sitting at home and placing order online.

Get inspired with  these two young and energetic entrepreneurs who achieved what they thought with passion and handwork, here is a video regarding how they started and how NEST i/o helped them to give reality to their idea: