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Rent My Car—A Startup that Facilitate People With Ease of Travelling and Earning Better

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Time and digital-marketing is inevitably changing the way of living. From purchasing things of day-to-day  use to get timely services for anything is just a click away, and car rental service is no different now.

Let’s talk some facts about travelling in Karachi and outside

There are number of options in Karachi to get a ride from one place to another, such as; public transport, which is cheapest but drain all your time and energy out because of its long routes and other issues; rickshaw and taxi; which are quite expensive. In recent times, two big transportation companies has also been emerged in the city that are Careem and Uber. Both the transportation services are facilitating customers with safe and rental car services with driver. But things that make them quite expensive are: They charge for per kilometer and drivers usually take the long route to drop people at desired location, and their per kilometer price is bit high as compare to taxi and rickshaw. This is why everyone can’t afford it.

What to Do When in Need of Car to Travel Within and Outside of Karachi

If you need a rental car either for a good reason—You are going on vacation—or not-so-pleasant one, like when your own car has breaks down. Or you may don’t own any car, but needs it for some occasion or for any other reason. So being armed with knowledge regarding which rental car service is reliable, easy to accesses, and in affordable price is something that can help you big-time. So, people who want a car for hours, day, or a month, they should have a clear and close view at services that are offered by Rent My Car. It’s a rental car company that can save you (or your company) heartache and some money. It makes no difference why you need the rental vehicle, the company does not bound you to stay within Karachi. And that means, you can go anywhere within Pakistan using the car you got rented from RMC, this can not be done usually when getting a rental car from anywhere around the city.

RMC Redefines the Rental Car Service Arena in Best Way Possible

It was a futile venture to get a rental wheels in nick of time, with comfort and expedite, and at the right price. The lack of diversity, structure and other consciousness leaves renters deeply upset and agitated over their rental needs, and to solve all this distraught RMC is right here for you. This platform, RentMyCar, enables owners of cars and renters to collaborate and come together to make it convenient for everyone to hit the road as never before.  


Like other car services, you don’t need to count kilometers while having ride in a rental car and no thought of regret for paying extra, when car is waiting for you, will leave you uncomfortable and in-stress. RMC provides thousands of options to choose a perfect vehicle for you and will deliver your chosen car at your doorstep.

With RMC, Make Your Family Car an Earning Member

The rental car service isn’t just offering users who are in need of car, but also facilitating people with extra earnings who has a car with great-quality. If you are interested then simply visit the website and get your car listed for rent. You will only need to fill an easy form with some specific identification fields and by going through some easy verification process, you will be all set to earn by renting your own car.  With RMC, it’s this easy to have extra earning for the better future.

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The platform, REnt My Car, is not only meeting the need of families and single person, but they are keen to work with corporate levels. From solving company’s rental issues to get hand-in-hand with other car rental companies, they want to expand the services and variety of automobile as huge as possible. So, give your travelling dreams a reality by renting a car from RMC for safe and affordable ride.