The Perfect Thing To Start With – Google Pixel XL and Google Pixel is out for you in the Market


Living in an age of technology and survival without android phone is considered to make you choke on your breath because it has become an integral part of our lifestyle. It’s a norm we hearing about new products being launched every now and then. Recently we heard about the new android phone launched by Google. Yes the same Google which gives us solution to every problem we type into it.

I cogitate myself as android phone critic because using technology while being at home, work place or on the go is a must for me. This requisition of mine was taken care of by Samsung in the best possible manner (no offense, as everyone have their own choices). Though like everyone, I had a desire to carry more fancy phones, yet my necessity never allowed me to part from my Samsung Galaxy S first and then Nexus 5X.

Recently launched phone by Google in a very unusual way grabbed my attention, as it was a persistent talk of the town these days. Everyone was schmoozing about it and I wanted to try this new passion people were infected with which convinced me to attempt for it.

Google Pixel XL and Google Pixel – a name given to the highest rated smartphone with high resolutions, long lasting battery, unlimited storage capacity and above all tremendous camera result.

Believe me it took me weeks to judge this set and outcome was unbelievable. The reason is simple as there is not really a lot to write about this device as one word define it the best – Impeccable.

When opened the box I found lots of the accessories to go with the phone as compare to other phones which included a really powerful charger which is able to charge phone quickly. USB-A and USB-C. USB-A to C adapter to transfer data from your previous android devices even from iPhone. The cables are solid. Though headphones are not part of the box, but who needs it anyway.×503/2016/10/04/dd2c8f82-e974-4311-b3b4-1d5e8c1078af/google-magic.png

The price match with the any other big shot phone including Galaxy S Edge and even iPhone 7, and it does what is expected from this price ranged phone. Oh yes, its camera will stun you, the portrait mode is a killer. Not only photo quality is to talk about its performance is the attention seeker.

In all Google Pixel is a great phone and recommended to everyone as long as Rs.75999 for Google Pixel XL and Rs.55999 for Google pixel doesn’t bother you. It is finally an android phone without garbage in it, has no lag and has great camera to take lots of impressive photos.