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PAXI: Pakistan’s First Women-Only Taxi Service Driven by Women for Women

PAXI- Pakistan’s First Women-Only Taxi Service Driven by Women for Women

8th March 2017 wasn’t only the date to celebrate International Women’s Day in Pakistan but there is another reason too, which is actually to empower the women of our country. On the same date, which is 8th March, a private company introduced the taxi service in Karachi that named as “PAXI.” At the time of launching this women based project, the CEO of the company, Mr. Zahid Sheikh, said, “If our women are flying planes, then why not Paxi?” undeniably, it’s the best message for women of Karachi on Women’s Day. The interesting part of Paxi is: it will be driven by women who has complete grip on super-amazing driving. And this first time when a complete women taxi service can be used by women without any fear.

Different Between Paxi and other Transport Services

This new taxi service is setting itself apart from the competitors in two different ways, which are:

  • It’s a Pakistan based company, so it will operate in our own country and all the revenue will remain in Pakistan
  • It’s not only available or useable using an app. Whoever wants to use the service can call customer service of Paxi and can also arrange the ride using SMS service

The majority doesn’t have smart phone or many people are still not comfortable or feel satisfied using app to book a ride. So, for their convenience the company is doing every effort by setting a call center to make women and kids avail chance of having a safe ride.

How someone can book a ride using customer service:

Zahid Sheikh explained that the app of this service will work as same as the other traveling apps have been used by Karachi’s people. But the customers who don’t have access to the app or not using smart phones, they will only need to call the customer service and the representative will make an account for the caller using the cell number they will give or the one they will be calling from. This is how the customer service person will issue a 4-digit code to the caller which they will have to tell the driver to have a safe and relaxed ride.

 When Paxi Can be Seen On Karachi’s Roads?

This entirely women cab service will be officially seen on the road of Karachi from 23rd March, it’s said by Mr. Zahid Sheikh. Right now, the company only has a fleet of 10 cabs and 5 women drivers. But they are confident about increasing the number of cabs and women drivers are also showing great interest to be the part of this startup.

What Paxi Drivers and People Think about the Service?

A representative from the Paxi’s company said, it’s an initiative to provide women with better earnings using their art of driving. So they can live a respectable life and can fulfill their own needs and responsibilities towards families. Women cab drivers are also very happy and excited to be a part of this initiative that is making the women of our society independent, confident, and a better earner to meet their needs.

Video Source: News One.