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Not Only US But Black Friday’s Craze is Taking Over Pakistan Too—History of Bombastic Sales’ Day is Right Here!!


Whether you are shopaholic or not, but must have noticed that every other online shopping resource and in-market retailers are creating a hype regarding unmatchable and slashing prices that can be avail on Black Friday in Pakistan too. And with the brilliant advertisements regarding discounts, retailers are drawing millions of consumers to roll up their sleeves and start making list of products to purchase on Black Friday 2016.

percent-1188490_1920Until some years ago, Black Friday was an exclusive tradition of people across the pond that is USA, but eventually it took the world by storm from past few years. And now, whole world is celebrating the day as most discounted day of the year. However, Pakistani communities and people are also running after things like they won’t get it ever again (with this least price tag!!). And it’s actually right, because seriously the discounts are extravagant!!

Black Friday—Background and Reality of this Event!!

The point is: What is Black Friday all about??? Why retailers specifically offer the lowest rates for variety of products??What’s the reason behind managing Black Friday deals in Pakistan too?? Is it profit gaining technique for retailers and loss for consumers or vise versa?? Many people may have these questions in mind, and it’s their right to know that what Black Friday is. So, we thought to showcase some real and authentic information regarding this bargain Hunt Day, where consumers and retailers both get more bonkers than ever!!

What is Black Friday?

In US, and in whole world now, the Friday after Thanksgiving Day is named as “Black Friday.” It’s the time when retailers and consumers take holiday shopping seriously, or you can say it’s an official start of buying the most discounted products to celebrate Christmas fully, in US. And almost all the brands and retailers come out with door-buster discounts and unbelievable sales. For all the discount hunters, Black Friday is the event which is unquestionably more of a festival.

What the reason behind calling it Black Friday?

When I first heard someone saying “Black Friday” is coming, a thought came that it’s may be a day for sad people or may be some really bad incident happened in past  so this is why people still remember it. But when I dig deep-down and started the journey to know what this Black Friday is. So got to know the actual reason and meaning behind this event. The closest reason to celebrate this day is goes like: This huge discounted event happens when the year is almost about to over and this is the time when retailers do final maintenance of their financial sheets. In those financial statements, red ink is used to mark loss and black to mark gain this is why the biggest sales day is named as Black Friday. This specific day let retailers mark some of their highest profits. And this leads them to improve their final business recordings, where they show losses in red and gains in black. However, most probably, this day let the brands and retailers manage their financial gains’ side heavy, and in shopping arena it’s worth to offer best deals to the consumers. And consumers also jump to grab the superb deals.

When is Black Friday Going to Happen this Year?

In Pakistan and all over the world, this most revenue-based day for retailers and full of discounted for customers, Black Friday will be on Friday, 25th November 2016.

Black Friday—Sounds Nice But Can be Better!!

To understand the concept of Black Friday in Pakistan, we had to gone through deep details to abstract what it is and why it’s called Black Friday. To relate with this Day fully, I think, we can make it sound better if we use some better word with Friday to enhance the excitement and discounted pleasure. So what can it be?? hmmm, Let’s call it “Savings Friday”, “Happy Friday”, “Frugal Friday”,” Markdown Friday”, or any other name that can make it look and sound more delightful an enthusiastic.

We would love to hear a suggestion from your side too, if you have something in mind so don’t hesitate to share regarding this day or suggest a unique name. Together we can make and work out things better!!

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