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Nest: Pakistan’s First Google Backed Incubator that’s Giving Life to Potential Business Ideas


Ideas in mind, passion in heart, and ready to stand out with your exceptional thoughts, creations, projects, and motives, so what are you waiting for??? Is anything lacking??? What is it?? The answer is, many of you may be in search to get some investment and a boost to give reality to your bubble-thoughts and imaginations. And if you are waiting for some miracle to happen that can give life to your dream venture, then you must be in luck because Nest i/o is right here to enlighten all your visions and ambitions.


Yes!! You read it right, Nest i/o is the first technology incubator is Pakistan. It’s a community hub that is inaugurated by P@SHA that is subsidized by Google for Entrepreneurs, Samsung, and the US State Department. This incubator is ready to give life to budding entrepreneurs with infrastructure, knowledge sessions, space, and guide better ways to access reliable network of potential investors and mentors. From last two years Nest i/o has served around 80 startups and the journey is going smooth on its way successfully. The class, style, and architecture of Nest is simply mind-blowing, and can double the energy to meet tasks on time.


Are you also interested to give reality boost to your dream project, but still confused?? Here we are to help you out, we are going to feature some of the Nest’s incredible startups that are immensely working in the field of retail, live-streaming, fin-tech, AR, and etc.

Rent My Car

RMC is the first online vehicle rental service in Pakistan’s history. Rent My Car facilitate people the customers who are in need to get the right vehicle on rent and related services. Through this platform, not only renters can easily get the right rental car every time with best possible rates, but the place is eagerly giving chance to people who wants to earn some perks by renting their vehicle. In this way, customers can get the best service of car-rent without running here and there.

Tution Hub

This place isn’t less than a blessing for students or professionals who are in need of some reliable resource to get their mind clear with every little concept of what ever they are learning or studying. The concept of Tuition Hub is to solve every issue of students with an avant-grade amalgamation of Massive Online Open Courseware (MOOCs) and personal tutoring. At this platform you are going to find a great number of inspiring and expert tutors around the world, so get your studies done with sound knowledge.


It’s a well known platform, and they took services from Nest i/o too. Sheops is the first online marketplace for women, here they can sell, buy, swap, and can share ideas regarding different businesses and ways to earn better. This platform is all about empowering the women of today and giving them chance to explore better experience of selling and buying. It’s also the best place for women entrepreneurs who are in need of starting their own business.


It’s a one-solution stop for everyone who is in search of office, home, or any other place’s maintenance and repair. Not only individuals but professionals can also use the website when in need of competent and reliable electricians, household helper, plumbers, carpenters, and other services. Sukoon’s workers are trustworthy, as their background is properly checked and are highly trained to provide the best services.

The Wedding Plan It

When there is a wedding in family, everyone gets curious about doing everything just perfectly, and this is what Wedding Planit is ready to do for their customers. From wedding planning to shopping to arrange right gifts, this place can make the event enjoyable and economical at the same time. This Web app is created with the thought to make things easier for the ones who are planning a wedding. They can simply make budget, easily find wedding professionals as per their choice and taste, check availability, compare prices, and make their booking conveniently.


Almost every one of us face the issue of not getting our things delivered on time. In Pakistan, If You want great delivery service so rates are too high and when you opt for reasonable courier service so you may end up having the worst experience. So, DeliveriT took birth to make you stay alert and in peace with same day delivery whenever you are in hurry to send something through courier service. This courier service is full of tracking functionality, and can be used for personal as well as business level.

Find My Adventure

This venture is created and running by young and energetic team members who are curious to make every holiday plan the best one for their users. If you are planning to explore any specific part and beauty of Pakistan or you are in search to get your eyes on some place that you should visit, this marketplace is the definitely going to help you big time. Through this platform, anyone can search tours and locations; read opinions and reviews; and can compare prices in order to get clear idea of when, where and how to travel all around Pakistan.

Smart Choice

It’s a platform that enable the customers to compare price and make better decisions as well as save time from searching the same thing on different portals or websites. Smart Choice is making their users avail the chance of searching and comparing all the broadband services and their packages like 3G/4G packages and other services and rates. Users can also explore the information, news, and other factors that are important while picking any broadband service.

Mil Gaya

In this internet-craze world, we are so used to of getting all the information on our fingertips, and people who designed the project  Mil Gaya understands the need of today’s world. This App is the easiest way to reach out to your favorite services and brands. Customers can’t only reach their favorite spots, but they can also get the locations, contact numbers and also make reservations to their lovable eating places. The App has almost more than 1,000 services and retailers that are working on the booking engine and giving chance to users to make bookings by using this App.


This online web portal is all set to let students prepare themselves in best manners to appear at any pre entry test. Students can get enough learning that will allow them to appear is any entry-test with the confidence and having enough knowledge to clear it with good marks. The platform also gives chance to people who are in search of applying for the internships and jobs. Just visit them and start your own career.

What are you waiting for?? If you also have some power-packed concept to start your own business than go ahead with Nest i/o and make your future vivid!!