Logical Next Step Creating Substantial Value for Customers and Stakeholders – Mobilink and Warid Merger


To be happy in this world, first you need a cell phone and then you need a perfect network, after that you’re truly wireless. I think we all will agree that Mobilink established a phone network in Pakistan at a time when there was no market for mobile phones and since then we have seen it taking over many challenges and kept on connecting people. Warid was again among those very few who aimed the network market under severe limitations and constraint still landing on the grounds which they aimed for.

These two big companies have been coming up with innovative ideas for introducing number of packages and deals to make people come closer. And now with a huge bang, now these two huge companies are merged and bringing twice the facilities to the customers which they separately focused on. As now they will more focus on the rural areas investing more in there – thanks to the low interest rates globally. This will bring leverage its brand to market affordable smart phones, coupled with subsided data packages, would help expansion of consumer footprint in 4G.

Over 50 million customers in Pakistan will benefit from high-speed mobile telecommunications and a best-class digital network. That means it is an incentive for us that the combined Mobilink and warid entity will provide 2G, 3G and LTE services in Pakistan, providing higher quality national voice and data coverage, faster downloads and a wider portfolio of products and services.

The idea for consolidation represents a further step into strengthening the position in the market to operate well. We are sure that we have arrived at this milestone today which marks a very exceptional moment for the Pakistan telecom sector. It is also been mentioned that Mobilink and Warid will benefit from USD 1 billion investment into building one of the largest and most ambitious IT infrastructures in the industry. Pakistan’s digital development will definitely elevate to a next level and bringing reduction in the digital divide.

The networks are working tirelessly through this rapid turn-around to make company so successful by launching offers attracting customers. For me as a usual and regular user of the network for connecting with my loved one’s legacy and my work ethics will be looking forward to those products and services. By the end of the day that is the biggest attraction.