Journey from Original to Pro – Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Review


Techno in improved form

It’s been a few days since the new console generation is been in the market for the people obsessed with technology for as long as possible. Yes I’m here conferring about PlayStation 4 Pro. As it is the new breed and we have been hearing that it’s one step ahead of Xbox One S in console upgrade, so what’s different, what features it hold within and plenty more queries are all bubbling up in minds. Lots of expectations are attached with it and it’s up to the reviews confining about mission accomplished.

We should start with understanding that it’s an interactive update rather than being a new system as words can define in the best way. Its original was launched in 2013 with high cost and was unaffordable for many. The idea of dropping some hard earned coin on the gaming rig was not something a parent of 12 year old will have on mind.

The inkling of owning the PlayStation 4 Pro is to have 4K TVs along and that you can imagine was and is still too expensive just like a gimmick. It is the most powerful home console yet. Though the quality plugged into this television makes a world different.

Word ‘Pro’ added to the previous version was to clear the minds of the people that it is something improved over the original. Textures were made sharper, the lights were spectacular and the games seemed just a touch more responsive than on the original PS4.


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Rise of the Tomb Raider

I would accept here that when I tried recently patched games  like – ‘FIFA 17’, ‘Last of Us’, and ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’, on my drop by to a few studios, it made me glad doing so. Every single one of them were impressive but if I’ll be asked to rate, I would rate ‘Rise of Tomb Raider’ above all. The lighting was remarkable and the visuals were unbelievably majestic. Though the other games held performance improvement in every nook and corner too.

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We can be thankful to Sony for raising the capabilities in improving the gaming. If you have 4K TV so it is a must to have the latest and greatest for sure. But it is not even native 4k as we were promised by Sony.

In broader sense it’s hypercritical to even mention the shortcomings, as gaming only rules one thing – having fun. This is what Sony PlayStation 4k Pro is here to provide us with. So you should stop reading and go pick one for yourself as we’ll be here when you get back to give us your views.