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Facebook’s New Feature “Discover People”: Beneficial or Dreadful??

Last year, Facebook launched the new discovery tool for groups, through which users can get handy access to all the groups of their interest, such as parenting tips, cooking and baking recipes, and others. That idea of making user reach the group of their interest was totally cool yet helpful and appreciated a lot. But this time, Facebook has come-up with a feature called “Discover People”, which is not going down well with every single user. Thus, we have been reading and listening different prospects, likeness, or dislike for the feature. This is why, we thought to have some detailed review of this feature.

• This feature can be used for business purposes or dating• The new feature also lists profiles of co-workers and people who are living nearby• You can also get the chance of connecting (1)

However, when some new features get launched and it has some weak points, remember, there must be positive aspects too and we shouldn’t avoid them at all. Facebook has actually tested a new feature that is all about encouraging users to befriend with people who are stranger but share same interest, living-place, and other activities that both the users are doing. Through this, users can also find perfect date-partner, business connections, and friends.

The question is where you can find this “Discover People” thing, the answer is: you can find the new feature in the navigation section below friends, events, groups, and etc. After, you get the feature, tap into the new section. Once you get entered, the header at the top bar will ask you to introduce yourself, which may need you to update various sections of your profile and Facebook will guide you completely.


Facebook also encourages people to get friends with or stay in touch with people who usually attends the events that you are going to attend. Just below the introduction section, where you will give others information regarding you, there is a list of events in which users has shown interest, are going to attend, or got invitation for. Every group is labelled with “People going to…” and the name of event. And when the user will click the event, you will see the profiles of those who are going to attend it. In this way, you can come across and interact with number of people who has same interest as you have, or take part in activities like you. You can see under to understand how it works:


The feature is giving every chance to the users to get in touch with people n explore the small world in real meaning. From people with whom you may have worked but not in connection now to the people who lives nearby you, get in touch with every one you like or want to know more. At the bottom of this section you can browse through the profiles of people who lives near to you, to get the clear view how this works, scroll down!!

At the bottom of the feature you can find a section where users can conveniently go through people’s profile who live in their town or city. And they can also find profiles of people wi (1)

Tho, in many cases, you might feel bit of stalker-ishness when going through the profiles of strangers. But the safe part is that Facebook is only going to share the information and pictures that you set with the public view, other-than-that, no one can see the stuff you shared with the privacy. Facebook was keen and still cares about user’s privacy on all extents. Through this feature, users can even build their business or professional networking in better way.

There is one more reason to this feature and that is: the growing number of dating apps are getting more attention of people. Apps like Bumble and Tinder are inching into Facebook territory, so they want to stand out as they have been without playing with user’s privacy. Like before, when some new or other social app start getting attention, so Facebook smells it well and the social media giant soon figure out things and come-up with better and bigger options to attract users at their best.

We hope that this new feature and other future plans that Facebook is making will delight its users and this rocking place will never lose the grip of their power, uniqueness, and motivation to entertain people like no other social app can do!!