Destiny 2 Leviathan Guide: Walkthrough, Secret Chest Locations and Loot


Future 2’s Leviathan raid is listed here, and it’s a beast.

You are going to have to have at the very least a small enable for Destiny’s 2 1st raid, Guardian. The good thing is, we’re listed here to enable.

Now that the Leviathan raid has been beaten by Fireteams which include The Legend Himself clan, we know that the raid should get all around six hrs for an experienced group of Guardians. That’s not as well imposing if you set aside the time, and these items only get much easier the much more you do them – count on hour-extended operates of Leviathan around the coming weeks as gamers discover shortcuts to cheesing their way by means of it.

Leviathan raid electricity level specifications and obtaining begun

To endeavor the Leviathan raid you are going to have to have to be rocking a electricity level of 260 or greater. That’s a conservative estimate, and of course the greater you are the much more self-assured you can be of tackling the raid productively – realistically you possibly want to be closer to 280 before you think about performing it.

If you are in have to have of enable achieving that figure, we have some pretty valuable guidelines on how to level up promptly and get much more electricity as aspect of our intensive Future 2 manual.

As with any raid in Future, you have to have to be in a Fireteam of six gamers. When numerous will want to do this with a pre-formed group of pals, Future 2 attributes a Guided Online games service, which is now offered for raid activities. This will enable you enjoy with other gamers not on your close friend listing.

If you want to view the complete raid in one go, this video from Arekkz highlights the complete exercise. Or you can scroll down for a whole text description and a breakdown of the 3 trials and manager battle.

To get begun with the Leviathan raid, open the Listing and search for out the raid area on Nessus. What you should count on is a collection of Trials established by Calus. After done, full with manager fights, you will be ready to get the rewards for all your difficult perform.

Bought your pals and feeling self-assured? Let us begin…

Calus will greet you and invite you to Enter the Swimming pools as shortly as you arrive at the somewhat magnificent Leviathan. There are enemies listed here but if you don’t engage them they won’t battle you again, so you can move by means of unharmed. You are going to also see goals The Proving – full each and every trial Calus has set before you, and The Labyrinth – loot 3 of Calus’ items in the underbelly of The Leviathan.

Head up to the prime of the constructing using the person-cannons and follow the corridors until you arrive at Castellum.

The Leviathan Castellum

This isn’t technically a trial and is very simple in principle acquire and defend 3 expectations although defeating all the enemies and any bosses. Locate the hologram expectations made like a chalice, blades and a beast.

You are going to have to battle off numerous enemies listed here. Kill the Common Bearers and you will be ready to decide on up the standard and operate it again to the triangular pedestal. All 3 expectations are put in the very same place, so a superior system is to split your fireteam. At the very least 3 should defend any expectations you’ve by now captured so the Cabal don’t steal them again, although the rest should be buying up the expectations and jogging them again to the rest of the group. Don’t forget, if you are holding the standard you simply cannot battle, so make positive as numerous adds have been cleared out as doable.

After all 3 expectations have been put in the triangle, the doors will open and you can acquire your loot – purple engrams, Calus’ Chosen Shader and a Emperor Calus Token. Now head by means of the corridors to the future section.

The Royal Swimming pools Trial

The Royal Swimming pools have 4 pressure plates in the corners, with a further in the heart. Four Guardians should stand on the corner plates, which will grant them the Psionic Defense buff for 1 moment, shielding them from environmental hurt. Really do not stand in the pool of liquid surrounding the pressure plate as it will drain your health.

By standing on all 4 pressure plates chains will increase in entrance of each plate – stand on them extended plenty of and 9 lanterns will seem in the central chamber. These have to have to be ruined in buy to move the trial. You are going to have to have to clear out Cabal but also Ceremonial Bathers who increase with the chain.

After the moment of protection is up, one of the other two Fireteam associates should swap with a Fireteam member on a pressure plate to activate the buff and continue to keep the chains going. There’s also the Psionic Defense buff in the heart of the area as very well, recall. It’s significant to converse listed here and enable the fireteam know when you are down to all around 10 seconds still left on your buff, so that a person else can swap positions and get your location. After the lanterns seem in the central chamber strike them difficult to ruin them, but view out for a whole lot of spawning Ceremonial Bathers. If the lanterns recede again into the ceiling you will have to get started the method once more.

Finishing this will reward you with much more Emperor Calus Tokens.

Return to the Castellum Common Bearers

You now have to repeat the 1st trial with the Standards and Cabal enemies. This time the position of the expectations have moved, but that is seriously the only change. Repeat the techniques earlier mentioned and transfer on to the future trial.

Satisfaction Gardens Trials

Put together for a distinct kind of trial listed here, with a bizarre stealth section. Kill all of the enemies, then head in the direction of the statue. Two of your Fireteam should now decide on up the two orbs and charge them using the light-weight, before heading to greater ground. As the doorway opens in the statue, the 4 remaining group associates should charge inside of and decide on up the pollen.

Team mates with pollen have to have to make their way to a flower and after there the group mate with an orb fires at it, which will give the member in close proximity to the flower a energy buff. This can be accomplished numerous occasions to stack a superior amount of money of hurt.

Why do you have to have this electricity? Because there are six Royal Beasts patrolling (they glimpse like major dogs) and they will totally kick your ass. Usual weapons won’t do an ounce of hurt – you have to have to have the electricity buff stacked up as higher as doable before you can lead to significant discomfort. After Guardians have plenty of electricity buff, they should assault the Royal Beasts.

The significant detail to recall listed here is that if a Guardian carrying the pollen is viewed by a Royal Beast a 60 next countdown commences. You all then have a moment to do as considerably hurt as doable and get again inside of the statue before the countdown finishes or you will die. You can retreat to this safehouse 3 occasions before the complete statue saferoom locks up and you have to get started once more. All six Royal Beats have to have to be killed before you can transfer on.

You are going to decide on up the Irrigation Important as one of your loot rewards for this trial.

Castellum Common Bearers… once more

This is the 3rd and ultimate time you will have to deal with the Castellum Common Bearers Trial but as you’ve by now accomplished it 2 times you should know accurately what to do, suitable?

The Gauntlet Trial

The complete group should head in the direction of the round platforms and destroy the spawning enemies. As you do so, the meter less than each pillar will fill up. After these are whole, two orbs will seem and two Guardians should get them. They will be transported to corridors nearby.

This is basically easy to figure out. The gamers with the orbs have to have to leap by means of a gate with circles, one of which has a pink ring all around them. The runner have to leap by means of this pink ringed circle. Even so, the runner shouldn’t leap by means of until he has named out to the other gamers the place that circle is (“top” or “middle” for case in point) and they have shot the triangles on the corresponding pillar that DOES NOT comprise the pink circle. So if the runner shouts out “top” the other two gamers should shoot the middle and base triangles. The corridors for runners get tricker with pitfalls but it should all be workable with superior communication. At the conclude of each corridor the runner can location the orb in a fountain and repeat the method.

Do this 3 occasions and then the complete Fireteam can decide on up an orb and dunk it in the fountain to move the trial.

Kill Emperor Calus

You’ve done the 3 trials so now it’s time to defeat the major person himself, Emperor Calus. After inside of the throne area, shoot the chalice from his hand and get down the spawning enemies.

Just after a although Calus will transportation 3 gamers to a purple dimension the place they will be confronted with Calus’ large head with a image on it. Every single participant will see a distinct image.

In the meantime in the throne area, as very well as battling off adds, the gamers will see 4 Psions with distinct symbols earlier mentioned their heads – beast, chalice, blades and sunshine.

The aim listed here is for the 3 in the other dimension to call out the symbols they see, and the 3 in the throneroom to destroy the Psion with the image that wasn’t named out. So if the group phone calls out “sun, blades, chalice” you should be killing the Psion with the beast image. Killing these Psions in buy will shorten the barrier shielding Calus’ head in the other dimension. Guardians in the other dimension will also be battling Psions, and it’s significant to get down individuals on the ground 1st or danger remaining blasted off the map.

After the barrier is decreased Calus will hearth a huge amount of money of projectiles. Survive that and the 3 Guardians will be ready to operate into orbs and be transported again to the throne area. Now it’s just a circumstance of jumping on the glowing platforms to get the Drive of Will buff and hitting Calus with every little thing you’ve acquired. It’s not easy, but what did you count on? Attempt not to get the complete group wiped.

Leviathan raid magic formula chests

The raid isn’t just about the loot you get as a reward for defeating Calus and his minions. It turns out there are nine magic formula chests hidden during the raid, all of which will present you some pretty sweet worry. You can follow our manual to all magic formula Leviathan chest spots or just leap straight in with this video to see them all: