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An Award Winning Pakistani Startup “WonderTree” is Redefining Special Children’s Education with Augmented Reality Games


There has been a lot written and implemented for the betterment of educational system, and kids are unfolding things,world, and education in uttermost way. However, nothing hasn’t  been specially done at big level for children with mild to moderate level of mental disabilities. But, a year ago, a group of students thought something out of the box and created educational games using augmented reality technology for special kids of our society. They actually wished  to bridge the gap between Pakistan’s educational and development resources and well-being of necessary learning needs of special children. Today, the startup is winner of plenty of awards all around the world for the quality and the potential of Wonder Tree’s gaming platform. Some of the awards are:


When, Where, and How this Innovative Idea was Born and Practiced

This outstanding idea of Wonder Tree wasn’t developed by making a team or anything special. It was just a normal day of summer 2015, when the idea of designing games for special children clicked Muhammad Usma, the Karachi based student of Bahria University. One day, upon returning home from his university, Usman saw his brother, who is a boy with mental disabilities, thoroughly enjoying a video game on his PlayStation. And, when Usman realized the positive impact of game on his brother, he was struck by the thought that why there aren’t any video games specifically designed for the kids with needs similar to his brother. His thought came into reality, when he was on the note of deciding his final year project at his University. Usman then teamed up with two of his close friends Ahmed Hassan and Muhammad Waqas, to design games for the educational and physical betterment of mentally challenged children.


After the boys were done with brainstorming and prototyping, they joined Nest I/O incubator, which is founded in partnership with Samsung and Google and also supported by US State Department Funding. With the help of Nest’s amazing mentorship and guidance, Wonder Tree team got the opportunity to give reality to their ambitious idea. The confidence, self-belief, and counseling at Nest made this prototype got more polished and business plan further advanced.

How Augmented Reality Games Works–it’s Incredible


In order to use the technology behind WonderTree don’t need lots of gadgets or some really huge investments. Instead, the games created by the team can be used on easily available hardware, such as: a TV, Kinect V2 sensor, and a laptop. The sharp sensors figure out player’s movements and relays it back to the laptop, and when this action interacts with WonderTree’s software so it outputs the performed action on the TV screen.

Wonder Tree Games are Helping Special Children Big-Time


  • The game enable special children to interact with games without much techniques, they will only use gestures and movement of body. This process will enable the development of motor cycle skills
  • To make kids feel more confident, Wonder Tree designed games in a way that let them move hands and eyes with coordination. This will surely improve their crucial skills and allow them to feel better with every accomplishment
  • Kids that are dealing with dyslexia, down syndrome, autism, ADHD, and other mental disabilities can enjoy and learn a lot with these games

Schools and Olympics’ Special kids Enjoyed Playing Wonder Tree’s Games


Wonder Tree designed products aren’t just games, but they are a sound initiative in the field of therapy and academics, both. The startup has already taken step further and trying their creatively designed games with different partners. The games were deployed at the Rangoonwala Special School in Karachi, where students loved all games and teachers gave useful reviews for betterment of their products. Not only this, but their collaboration with Olympics Pakistan 2015  is also commendable, where athletes loved interacting with the platform.


The company is on it way to take scientific help through different channels, internationally, to make their platform the best one. Wonder Tree’s goal is to design a whole educational curriculums for the special kids of our society and all around the world. We all want these sort of changes in our society and they  are always appreciable. We wish luck to the team!!