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A Secure Way to Delete Info about Where Have You Been Till Date From Your Cell Phone

A Secure Way to Delete Info about Where Have You Been Till Date From Your Cell Phone

Hence it’s proved that your phone tracks every single step you take towards any location. Might be its one of the reasons that why these cell phones are also known as smart Phones, aren’t they? Yes, they are, and their features are making them smarter with every new launch of the phone from renowned brands like Samsung, Apple, and others. In fact, the recent studies revealed that your mobile phone has a detailed history regarding where you went, where you stayed and for how long.  The history can even show the names of places wherever you had been.

There is a complete report released by The Independent claims that all these latest smartphones have the ability to keep the information of every place where you take them. No matter if you are using an iOS operating system or Android, every smartphone tracks every inch your move. With the help of this data, not only you, but the phone companies can also see what time, date, and year you visited any particular location and how much you stayed there. And this is a thinkable situation, and it proves that these technology companies are collecting a lot or you can say every information about our lives.

You can easily see all your tracked and saved information regarding your locations, traveling, and where you stayed at “Google’s Your Timeline” page. On this same page, you have all the right and choice to ON or OFF that tracking tools and go anywhere keeping your all information private. If you are using an Android device than tracking feature can only be used on the phone. Whereas users of iOS need to download an app to track their location and once you download the app, it will collect all information about visiting places and send it to the company.


If you want to get rid of this location tracking things, don’t get worried and follow the processes which we are going to explain. In a case of an Android user just log into your Google account and OFF the location history. In this way, you can use any operating system on your cell phone and go anywhere you want to, the smart phone won’t be able to track your location. The best part is: if you want to delete your old location history from a cell phone, you can do that on the same page where you switched off the location tracker. There is another simple yet frequent way to disable your Google location and that is:

  • Go to the Settings of your phone and click on the “Location”


  • There You will find written Google location history


  • Press the tab and you will see the page which will show that your history is ON

2017-05-13 00.10.35


  • Off that Google location tracking option and there you are!

2017-05-13 00.09.52

However, all the iOS users can also stop cell phone from tracking the location. To do that, they need to open privacy option which is available on their phones’ setting’s app. There, they will find an option “location service” this is the section where you can make your phone stop tracking all your locations that you will be going to visit. And, in order to see your old site’s tracking, visit the system service setting and click on the frequent locations and you will get all the information that you have visited in the past.

We hope that this article will help you out in making these companies stop tracking your every single step. Soon, we will be back with some other impressive tech. news.